How do.

Need a haircut? Want it done right, in a nice place, ‘bit of banter? ‘Course you do. You’re a bloke, you like eating animals, wrestling bears and looking good.

Come to Meadowhall’s man-haven – Barber Barber. We’ll cut your hair real nice and shave them chops of yours, if you like.

Being dragged around Meadowhall? – we’re here for you. Planning a direct attack that involves buying stuff? – Swing by.

Tom Hopkins


We’ll wash your mop, then blow dry it for you – have you looking your best. Perfect for a big night out. – Tenner.

Lets get to work. Our barbers will work their magic, style you up a treat, tell us how you like it – Nineteen Quid.

Whole HogWhole Hog
We’ll wash it, cut it, style it, whack some product on it, even tell you a joke. Your hair will bloody love it – Twenty Three Notes.

Tell us what number you want it, let us know what style. Our clipper blades will take care of the rest – Twelve Quid.

Side by SideSide by Side
Bring your lad (under 16′s) and have some manly bonding time whilst you both get trimmed and styled – Twenty Five Nicker.

We stock a wide range of products for styling your barnet, including American Crew, Muk and Bed Head. – Various.

Sylvester Stallone


Beard EnvyBeard Envy
Real men have furry faces. Fact. But hey, we’re modern men, lets trim that baby up, get it looking great – Tenner.

Ladies faveLadies fave
Fancy treating the missus? Try a proper cut-throat shave, you’ll be smooth as a baby’s. The girls will love it – Twenty Two Quid.

Le Grand ShaveLe Grand Shave
For a man who likes his luxury. 40 minutes of shaving pamper for your face. Your face has never had it so good – Forty  Two Notes.

Beppe Di MarcoBeppe Di Marco
Designer Stubble? Mutton Chops? Sporting a ‘Tache? Even a cheeky Goatee. Let us trim and style your whiskers – Fifteen English pounds.

Brow TidyBrow Tidy
Let us trim up those eyebrows, we’ll have you looking like a new man, not a Noel Gallagher look-a-like – Three Quid.

Shaving products? We’ve got Edwin Jagger, Men Rock and Shave Doctor. We stock various items for self indulgence or gifts – Various.

G.K. Chesterton


Final HurrahFinal Hurrah
Exclusive grooming for the stag do. You and your mates (min 5) will get trimmed, shaved, and styled – Twenty Five PP.

You and your best men (min 5) can pop in for exclusive grooming. Your Barnet & Bonce will be sorted for the big day – Thirty Quid PP.

Bring a mate or six and we’ll go to town on your hair & face – the whole shebang, no hair left ungroomed – Twenty Five PP.

Barber Life blog. Written by men, for men.


Feel free just to walk in, appointments may be needed at busy times. We’re located in Meadowhall, near Boots. We advise making Barber Barber part of your shopping trip – new clothes & a new cut, what could be better. However, the red car park is only 50 yards from our door, incase you want a quick exit!
Opening hours are Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 9am-8pm and Sun 11am-5pm.

Drop us a line

0114 256 9955
Meadowhall, Sheffield S9 1EN