For a really close shave you can’t beat a proper cut throat shave by a barber. For when you’re home, here’s some tips to do the best job.


Step 1.

To start with you need to make sure the blade is clean and sharp. Don’t be tight, replace your blades regularly.

Step 2.

Soften whiskers. It’s best to shave after a shower or bath when your skin and whiskers are softer. Or, apply a hot damp towel. This helps to prevent nicks and scuffs. Women don’t like nicks and scuffs.

Step 3.

Apply a small amount of shaving oil.

Step 4.

Lather up using a cream or gel. For best results use a good shaving brush – avoid using a tooth brush.

Step 5.

Remember you’re stroking your face with a knife, so shave carefully. For best results firstly shave in short, quick, gentle strokes with the grain of your beard. Then re-lather and shave against the grain of your beard.

Step 6.

Rinse face with cold water to tighten up the pores. Cup hands together and throw the water up into your face. That’s the manly way to rinse.

Step 7.

Finally use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and apply your favourite aftershave. Do the Home Alone face slap and you’re good to go.


Do you have a secret for getting skin smoother than the head on a Guinness? Let us know below.


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